Home from the Hospital

We have been home from the hospital and on our own as first time parents for not quite two weeks now.

It really has been such a great ride so far!

We were very blessed that Jonathan was able to stay at home to help since we brought Noah home.

We have had a lot of support from our friends and family and want to extend a heartfelt thank you for all of those you have extended your time and generosity as we embark on this new adventure in our lives!

When we arrived home, we first introduced Marquis and Sandy to Noah. They were very interested, but moreso Marquis than Sandy.

The sleepless nights are starting to catch up with us, but all in all is totally worth it all for the blessing of our little man! I typically let Jonathan sleep as much as possible at night, since I'm breastfeeding. That way, during the day, Jonathan can take over feeding from a bottle and I can sleep :) I'm going to miss when he goes back to work!

We've had our first bath, which we'll have pics up shortly.

We've already lost our umbilical cord and our circumcision is completely healed :)

We've been to the hospital twice for followup screenings and also had our first pediatrician appointment, which I will also blog about shortly. Once again, finding an AMAZING doctor.

For those picture lovers - Here you are:

Mommy rocking me after I got home

Trying to clear the jaundice - outside

We LOVE to read with Daddy! Here is the Poky Little Puppy!

Our first diaper change at home

Tummy Time

Out like a light after feeding

Love my Daddy!

Swing Swing Swing

Lovin' my Daddy again

Little Toes

Till next time.

Jonathan, Melanie & Baby Noah


Melanie and Jonathan, I am so excited for you both! I just got caught up on your blog and I just can't believe how quickly he came! I'm really glad you weren't totally bummed when your birth plan didn't work out -- in the end we just want healthy babies!

Many blessings to your family! I'd love to bring yall a meal soon -- maybe this weekend.

Love yall!
The Alpert Fam said…
I am feeling you on the sleepless nights! Cason is six weeks old now and I am still super tired. I am looking forward to at least 6 straight hours of sleep. That is my goal :)

BTW Noah is beautiful!

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