8 Last minute Green Halloween ideas

1. Send your child trick-or-treating with a non-disposable treat bag. Choose something that goes with the theme of your child's costume-a backpack for a mountain climber, a helmet for a football player, a bowl for a chef, a purse for a princess. Or use a reusable shopping bag or a pillow case.

2. Whatever you are giving away to trick-or-treaters, buy less than you normally do and give away one or two instead of handfuls. (Bonus: saves money too!)

3. If possible, trick-or-treat in your own neighborhood instead of driving to someplace else.
4. Forgo trick-or-treating and celebrate at a Green Halloween event in your city.

5. Burn 
beeswax or soy candles in your jack-o-lantern instead of paraffin (petroleum) candles.
6. After the holiday, compost all natural decor, food scraps and leftover candy.

7. Save candy and treat wrappers and turn them into something eco-fabulous. Search the Internet for simple how-to's. Click here or here for inspiration.

8. Pack Halloween decor away carefully so that it can be reused again next year (by you or someone else).


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