Goods to Green your Halloween

Celebrating a green Halloween doesn't have to cost a dime. You don't have to live in a major city, know Leonardo DiCaprio or have a post-graduate degree.
Thanks Green Halloween for sharing this great information!
Here are a few of our Halloween favorites:
The goods: Green Halloween ChicoBag Trick-or-Treat Bag

The dish: A reusable (AKA not disposable) trick-or-treat bag. Built to last (can hold up to 25 pounds), this bag may become your child's trick-or-treat tradition. Each year, artwork is inspired by a child (who won the previous year's art competition). 10% of the bag's sales support our Green Halloween initiative.

To buyChicoBag.com or a retailer near you (and kids, enter the 2010 contest HERE)

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The goods: Artisan paper for invitations and crafts made from elephant dung

The dish: Sound gross? Suspend everything you thought you knew about pooh. In this case, elephant dung makes gorgeous paper. That's good for the planet, because it means less trees are used to make paper products. It's good for the elephants because instead of them being viewed as a nuisance to farmers, they can be seen as having economic value.

Dr. Karl Wald, owner of Mr. Ellie Pooh, has worked tirelessly to save Sri Lankan Elephants and you can help, too by swapping paper for pooh. For Halloween, try orange Mr. Ellie Pooh card stockinvitations or elephant-themed door prizes. So in addition to "BOO" - think "POOH" to help save these majestic animals!

The goods:  Safe Halloween face paints

The dishThe Campaign for Safe Costmetics found lead, a powerful neurotoxin, in 10 of 10 face paints they tested. And this was just the tip of the iceberg. Heavy metals and other known carcinogens were in the mix, too. And labels that read "non-toxic", "FDA compliant" or "Hypoallergenic" may not mean a thing. You can make your own face paints from items you likely already own (it's fun & you can save $, too!) or, check out the brands, below. We're tried them all and they're fabulous.

To buy: Non-micronized, mineral-based face paints in powder form from EcoMom.com. Mineral-based cream face paints with additional "blood" from Terra Firma Cosmetics available atCelebrate Green's Open Sky shop. European-made Lyra face pencils, link from GreenHalloween.org.

BonusWin $25 to shop on EcoMom.com! From now through Oct. 17th - parents can "trick-or-treat" & win one of three $25 gift certificates.


The goods: Costumes  made from safe, natural materials. Organic treats. Black-cat flashlights that are kid-powered. Halloween Fairy gifts galore. Spooky dECOr.

The dishThe Green Halloween® "marketplace" is a link-through site. We are not paid for the clicks, we just love supporting companies that have a passion for healthy, sustainable fun!


Ann said…
when I was young, my granddad used to tell us how the Indians use poo for burning and even for sprinkling in their food.

We LOl that either my Grand dad was a racist or a fool. Now I am grown, and watch a lot of documentaries, what grand dad tole us forty years ago is true.

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