Green Halloween: Alternative Treats to Candy

Green Halloween may not be ALL about the goodies, but we're pretty passionate about spreading the news: Halloween can be healthy, sustainable and fun.

It's true: kids, Mom and Mother Earth can all love Halloween again.

As a child of a few decades ago, you may be surprised to learn that many of today's kids get excited about treats that go beyond the conventional.

Yes, even your child, when given the choice may choose a polished stone over a pack of M&_s.

How can that be? You ask.

Today's children are overexposed to candy. It's no longer a once-a-year luxury. Candy is a staple at birthday parties, it's (sadly) a bribe in some classrooms, a "thank you" for patronizing your dry cleaner.

It's not that kids like candy any less than we did; it's just that candy is no longer a novelty.
How do we know kids won't turn up their noses as some of the alternatives we suggest?

We've shown our suggestions to tens of thousands of kids over the last four years and not one child of any age has ever said they'd rather have conventional candy once they've seen the alternatives. Not one.

Here's an example of the board we've used at events to see what kids think:


But don't take our word for it, give it a try! Make a Green Halloween board of your own and see what your kids think or create a "50/50 challenge" for Halloween night (have 2 bowls of goodies for trick or treaters. In one bowl, offer conventional candy. In the other place a mix of some of the alternative treats and treasures on our list. Invite kids to select just one and see what happens).

Give these goodie alternatives a try:
Click here for dozens of additional ideas.

Thanks Green Halloween!


Sarah said…
Although my kids really love the candy (and me too, of course), one of the favorite things they got from trick or treating this year were those little neon glow stick bracelets some guy was giving out.

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