Snack Taxi Reusable Bags Review

Going green in everyday life can be quite difficult.

Where do I find the time?

In simple choices that I make every day.

One of those choices - When making my sandwich and chips for lunch - what do I put the sandwich and chips in?

Conventional thinking would steer us to grab the box of plastic Ziploc bags and be done with it.

If you are simply one person - imagine how many of your plastic Ziploc bags end up in the landfill.  Now multiply that by ALL the people in the United States who make sandwiches for themselves or their family.

That is a lot of plastic bags....a lot of waste.....

What is the solution?  What is an easy way to change your day-to-day habits?

Go green - Get reusable sandwich bags!

Snack Taxi is an environmentally conscious company that designed and distributes reusable sandwich and snack bags for people to use instead of using and discarding plastic bags on a daily basis.

I really enjoyed these bags!

They were the perfect size for my oversized bread and although I prefer the velcro at the seams, their design is one of an envelope where a tab comes up and over and Velcro's on the outside.  This, I must say, is definitely much easier for children to handle.

I used the bags multiple times without any issues, having washed and line dried them as well with no signs of visible wear.

I definitely recommend Snack Taxi as a good option for reusable bags!

Think Green in your everyday life - then Take Action!



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Reusable bags said…
Hello Friend,

It is really great to use.Snack Taxi Bag is made of nylon and it can be washed and dried easily. Now these days it is a best alternative to plastic bags and wraps.

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