The rest of Easter Weekend

Easter Saturday -

The day after the crucifixion of our Savior.

I actually had a little bit of energy today and even cleaned the house and did laundry! Big step for me at the moment! We decided to go to Easter Saturday services to divert some of the Easter crowds.....or so we thought.

My mom had called earlier in the day (as they had come through Carrollton to pick up Sarah's car) and let me know that she had witnessed a car drive through the arm of a train barricade and was hit by a train. Thank goodness no one was killed! News Story.

I digress, because that story caused us to be late for church. It definitely was one of the better services since our beloved Chapel Hill was eliminated at our church :(

After church, we ran some errands including Babies R Us. Of course we waited to the last minute on buying the new baby Melugin (Lena & Philip's) a gift. We called Jared to see if he wanted to go in with us - Of course, no answer.

When we got home, Jared called Jonathan. Jonathan went ahead and told Jared the great news! After he hung up, I insisted that we call everyone else since Jared knew. So first it was Kay (Jonathan's mom) who was soooooo excited! Two grandbabies in one year! Then Johnny (Jonathan's dad) - also excited! Then we called David & Layna, then Philip & Lena! I could hear Lena screaming through the phone! LOL.

On Sunday, we took it VERY VERY EASY! I was extremely tired all day long and slept a lot!!!!!

Jonathan was the handyman and (on his first attempt) was able to do electrical magic in the house! He changed our stupid broken light in the master closet from a pull chain to an actual switch! For those of you that are ignorant to the work that this entails (because I sure was), it required him to get into the attic and run wires through the wall.....cut a hole in the wall.........and then properly wire everything together. I was so proud of him.......well, that is after I woke up and realized what he had done :)

Jonathan watched the Masters - I scrapbooked ........ It was a great day!

Highly anticipating our first prenatal exam on Wednesday!!! YEAH!!!


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