We told Mom and Leslie

Today is Sunday, April 5, 2009.

We went to church this morning (Palm Sunday) and went to lunch afterwards with Mom, Leslie and Leslie's friend and mentor Mary. Mmmmmm.........Cafe Express is awesome!

Since Leslie is in town from Mexico for 2 weeks, and she hasn't seen the great handiwork of Jonathan on the new wood floors, we invited her and mom over to see the floors.

We had just cleaned the house the day before, as our good friends David & Brynn - and their two boys - came over for dinner. A great Christian couple for friends - we are truly blessed.


As we were expecting their visit, Jonathan said, "We should tell them...."

Of course my instant reaction was, "Not yet"

After some discussions that this was not like last time and that we SHOULD have family support at such a blessed time in our lives, I agreed.

They showed up, Leslie admired the floors and we relaxed in the kitchen. I had poured mom and Leslie a glass of red wine.

Jonathan and I were standing next to the sink and he just hugged me so tight.....

"We can't drink wine right now"

Well, I think they had two reactions:

1) Of course Melanie can't - She's allergic to red wine

2) We've heard this over the last 7 months - they are trying to be good as they try to conceive

Their faces showed no curiousity as to why he would have said that.

So......I responded....

"We can't drink because I'm about 6 weeks pregnant"

My mom, overjoyed, gave me one of the largest hugs that I've ever gotten from her. The funniest thing was that she said, "You're not kidding with me, right?" Ha! Of course that is not something that I would joke about!

I was so wrapped up in my mom, that later Jonathan told me that Leslie's reaction was "Are you serious?" Over and over again...

They were truly soooo excited! As we both are!

We are truly blessed.

Our final preliminary blood tests are on Wednesday, results on Friday!


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