Bloodwork #2 - 4/8/09

My final blood appointment was at 8:15 a.m. this morning, so still no suspicions at work that I may be pregnant! Good! With the risk of miscarriage, we have decided not to tell our workplaces quite yet.

At this time, I am maintaining a 31" waist and not having a tough time with the pregnancy.

Symptoms so far:

* Extreme moodiness - People irritate me!!!! Man! Sorry to those of you at work that I have been short with - if you only knew the truth!

* SOOOOOOOO freakin' tired! Always always could just fall asleep.

* Boobs are soooo sore! There are times that Jonathan just tries to hug me and it hurts! He just laughs because he doesn't know how tight he can squeeze me

* Sleeping through the night - IMPOSSIBLE - I have had one complete night's sleep in the last 2 weeks! One more reason that I am soooo tired.

* Acne - Yes - On my cheeks.....I never break out there! Crazy! Come on Clinique - You can do it!

And you know, not much morning sickness......I think I've had two bouts of extreme nausea and it came in the middle of the night....terrible cramping of the stomach :( - but I can't complain.

We'll have bloodwork hopefully on Friday - will keep everyone posted.

Our first prenatal visit is scheduled for - TAX DAY - Wednesday, April 15!!!!!!!!


Sarah said…
I never had morning sickness either...yay for us!!

If you think your boobs hurt NOW...just you wait until after you have the baby and your milk starts coming in! OMG! You have never known pain!!!

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