I'm Pregnant! - 3/27/09

This is the first of a multitude of blogs that I will be posting regarding this topic...

I am going to backdate my journal entries, though, to the beginning, so that you may revel in our excitement.

If you are following this, I must apologize, as i will try to be as least graphic as possible ~ So guys - you may want to skip this first journal entry. The rest won't be as bad :)

So let's go to the beginning. Jonathan and I were going to wait until January of 2009 to start "trying" to have a baby. In thinking about it, though, we were really wondering why we should wait. We both have good jobs, are happy with where we are financially, are secure in our love and have become extremely close to Christ. All, may I say, foundations of a successful family.

Therefore, we began to try to have a baby in August of 2008, only 3 months after our marriage. In October of 2008, we still had yet to conceive (and not yet frustrated by this fact). We went to visit our great friends, Melissa and Mike, in North Carolina, along with their two girls, Quinn (who is my goddaughter) and baby Cate. At the tail end of our trip, Melissa snuck into the bathroom with me, where I was putting on my makeup, and told me that she had been trying to find a time to give me this......she handed a digital ovulation kit in my hand. I simply smiled.

She had been wanting to give this to me for a while, and now seemed to be the right time. So, along with the kit, she gave me several sticks as well as a quick tutorial. You better believe that I was sooooooooo excited to start using it.

I began the kit in November after my next (.) For four months, I would pee on the sticks, replenishing the sticks at CVS when I ran out. Each month it would indeed tell me that I was ovulating, but still no luck. Then fear......

In February, I had my normal cycle...stopped....then 5 days later at work, on a Monday at 9:30 a.m., I started cramping so bad that I could barely stand up. I ended up let's just say - it was bad and we'll stop there. Fortunately, and by God's grace, I had already scheduled my normal annual that day, so instead, I went in for abnormal menstruation, thinking that I was pregnant (unbeknownst to us) and had miscarried. After a few tests and some bloodwork (with my wonderful husband by my side the entire time) they determined that it must have been stress related. There was no pregnancy, nor subsequent miscarriage.

We went skiing with Azure and Doug (great friends of ours) and then one week later went to West Palm Beach for Luqui's (Mel's Grandmother) 85th birthday party. When we had come home from Florida, and as it is with women, everyone started their cycles.....I hadn't. I really didn't have my radar on, though, because I have long cycles. By the end of that week, though, around day 35, I took a pregnancy test that resulted as negative :(

Around day 38, I took another pregnancy test.....also negative....damn!

When I crossed over the 40 day mark, I really started to wonder if I was just missing that month considering my history from the previous month. On day 41 (March 27, 2009) I was driving home from work and not really thinking about pregnancy or pregnancy tests at all, but had a small voice pop in my head that said that I should really take a pregnancy test....so I did....as soon as I got home. Jonathan was not home yet.

I opened up the test, took the test and waited. I honestly forgot about it for a couple of minutes as I picked up the house and took care of the dogs. Then I remembered and walked into the bathroom, fully expecting to see a "Not Pregnant" on the digital readout screen. BUT, to my complete awe and amazement, it showed "Pregnant"

I guess I was finally "pregnant enough" to have a higher level of HCG in my urine to indicate a pregnancy. Boy! Was I suprised. 7 months after having first started trying to have a baby....here it was.

Then, my mind raced. Jonathan was on his way home ~ I had to find out how long he would be ~ I texted and had time to figure out how I was going to tell him ~ He was pumping gas.

I ran to my scrapbook table and made him a riddle.......

Let me digress on one issue. Jonathan and I had a little "tiff" the night before regarding money and we were still on sensitive ground. Ok - Back to the story. Jonathan walked in and I gave him a big hug and said, "I am so sorry about last night" (trying to throw him off of the suprise). "I made you something" - Handed him the riddle....three small pieces of cardstock that I quite didn't have time to brad together....

Page 1 - "Riddle Riddle"
Page 2 - "What do these two things have in common?"
Page 3 - Shows a picture of 2 sets of baby feet - "Congratulations Daddy! We did it!"

Tears!!! Tears!!! "Are you serious?"

I don't know if I've ever had a hug that big! (well...maybe when he married me)

Jonathan was in awe!

We said a small (well... a really big) prayer of thanks to God.

So....it's announced! We're pregnant!!!! Not sure how far along - probably about 4-5 weeks.

I will be posting several blogs (all of which are being saved as drafts until the official announcement is made). Please keep tabs! Follow our blog. I'll be posting quite a bit....trying to make it fun and interesting :)

THANK YOU GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sarah said…
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Sarah said…
Oh yeah I was also going to say, I took those digital tests when I was pregnant with Lucas too, but since the results disappear after a while, I also took traditional "pink line" tests to keep...and I still have them, from both my pregnancies (2 for each)...is that weird? Lol. Jaime always thought it was gross.

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