What a GOOD Friday - 4/10/09

It is Friday ......... Even better.......... It's Good Friday!

And what a Good Friday it is!

My final preliminary blood work was on Wednesday.

After no sleep last night, between pregnancy and drama with my sister Sarah's car, Leslie came and took my car. So that left me working from home for our less than 1/2 a day workday today!

It is 1:30 p.m. I received the highly anticipated phone call about 10 minutes ago. Amy, as everyone should know now is our nurse, called with the good news. My progesterone and HCG levels were significantly elevated! YEAH!

Dr. Herr, our wonderful Texas Tech grad OB/GYN, wants to see us for our first prenatal exam, which I already scheduled two weeks ago. We are scheduled on Wednesday, April 15, 2009 -Tax Day!

I was told by Amy that this would be our first Sonogram!

First thing - Call Jonathan.

Oh! The excitement in his voice :) He is going to be such a wonderful father - He is already such an amazing husband!!!!!

Second - Blog while I am awake - before I take my nap.

If the dating by my period is correct, I will be 8 weeks pregnant at the time of the sonogram! I can't wait to share the picture with everyone.

Although you are reading this after the fact, please pray that the heartbeat is strong!!!

Tonight we will tell Dad, Sarah and Angela as we celebrate an early Easter with the Cano family :)


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