Bloodwork - 3/30/09

Monday, March 30, 2009

Jonathan and I called our OB/Gyn today to see when we needed to come in for our first prenatal exam. They informed me that she does not see her new OB patients until they are 8-10 weeks pregnant.

For those of you who know me......this was not an acceptable answer.

I asked to speak with Amy, the nurse.

I explained to Amy that I thought that I should not have to wait that long considering my history and the mere fact that I am RH - (negative) and Jonathan is RH +. In a nutshell, RH syndrome is a defense mechanism within my body that will attack my baby around the 22nd week if not monitored after I have already been pregnant once (The first baby would not be affected - only subsequent).

Amy agreed, spoke to the Dr. and asked me to come in today.

Jonathan and I showed up at 1:45 p.m. We were called back at 2:00 and found out that all they needed to do was draw blood! No prenatal exam until 8-10 weeks! Ugh.

BUT, what she could do was watch my progesterone and HCG levels until the first visit. Monitoring these will allow her to see an increase in both of these hormones (which is what we want) that proves to her that we are successfully cookin' our baby :)

Poor Jonathan had to come all the way out there for me to get one small vial of blood drawn. Sorry baby! Love you!

Pray that the HCG levels are increased on Wednesday when I go back in.


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