7 weeks...and counting

Tomorrow (Wednesday) is officially 7 weeks! Yeah!

We still are in awe of the miracle.

Quick rundown of this past week:

* First and foremost - our sister in law Lena and her husband (Jonathan's brother) Philip gave birth to their beautiful baby girl on Friday. Catherine Grace. She's beautiful.....if only I'd get a chance to actually hold her! LOL.

As for me (and what Jonathan has to put up with!):

* Saturday started the nauseau...and it hasn't let up!

* Still fighting the extreme sleepiness. I'm sure that no one at work completely understands when I say that I want to find a corner, curl up and fall asleep.

* I'm a lot hungrier than I normally am.

* We announced the news to the world!!!

Where the baby is:

* He / she is now the size of a blueberry:

And measures approximately .51 inches! We've grown quite a bit - Doubling in size since our sonogram :)


* Hands and feet are emerging from developing arms and legs

* Eyelid folds are partially covering its peepers

* Both hemispheres of the baby's brain are growing

* The baby now has an appendix and a pancreas

* The umbilical cord is developing

And finally.... the 7 week (well, um) tummy? Soon enough :)

We ask that everyone keep this baby Melugin in your prayers. We pray that God protects the baby and keeps "it" healthy and happy.

"Before I formed you in the womb I knew you,

before you were born I set you apart" - Jeremiah 1:5


Sarah said…
I voted on your baby bump poll thing, and I was going to say 15+ weeks, but I went for a lower number only because you're so small to begin with that I think it'll be more noticeable earlier :P Unlike me, where I was like 20-something weeks along until people could tell I was pregnant and not just fat ^_^ (especially the 2nd time around)

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