5 Ways to Save the Planet Before You Leave for Work

By: Meg Appleby 

If you’re anything like me, your mornings are probably pretty hectic. So here’s 5 quick ways to care for the environment that you can do before you get to work. . .
1. Make a packed lunch to take with you

Its not only a healthier option for you, but think of all the rubbish your average take out meal generates, not to mention the carbon  emissions you would generate driving out to get it!
2. Recycle your morning paper

Or better still cancel your delivery and read the one at work (in your morning tea break of course!!). Even better, read it online!!
3. Leave your car at home

Take the bus or 
car pool with your neighbours. With the price of petrol what it is this isn’t just good for the planet, its good for your  wallet – and who couldn’t do with a few extra dollars to spend on more important things (like chocolate – organic & fair trade obviously!)
4.   Turn the tap off while you clean your teeth

Potable water is becoming a scarce resource, so only have it running when you really need it. And if you live somewhere where your water is metered, this will help save you some money as well.
5. Only boil the water you need to make your coffee

The more water you have in the jug the more electricity it takes to boil it. So don’t fill the jug with enough water for 10 cups of coffee when you’re only making 2! We all know electricty isn’t free and its getting harder and harder to generate enough. So don’t waste it!!


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