Today's Green Tip: Pest Control Woes?

We all hate bugs....well most of us do.

It's spring and that's when the bugs tend to migrate into our homes.

What is the first thing we tend to do?  We either call our local pest control company and/or pull out a can of Raid.

What's wrong with that, you may ask?

Types of Insect and Pest Control Chemicals

  • There are three common types of insect and pest control chemicals in use today. The common trait of all three chemicals is that they are designed to target the nervous system of various animals. Pest control chemicals are the result of nerve agents used during World War II, and their effects are similar in pests as what one would expect in a human when exposed to a nerve agent. Other pest control chemicals will cause internal hemorrhaging, cardiac arrest or kidney failure in rodents and insects.

Dangers to Pets

  • Flea drops would be considered a form of pesticide designed to kill fleas on dogs, cats and other small pets. Some animals will have side effects or outright allergies to flea drops. The effects are usually excessive drooling, restlessness or otherwise unusual behavior. Since all flea medicine is different, any unusual behavior following application should be closely monitored.

Dangers to Humans

  • Since pesticides are toxic to rodents and other mammals, it is possible that humans could suffer the same effects if a large enough quantity is ingested or absorbed. Numerous diseases have been linked to insect and pest control chemicals including Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's and a variety of cancers.

    What is the alternative?  Green or eco-friendly pest control.  There are several companies out there, you just need to make sure to do your research!  Unfortunately, many of the larger and well-known pest control services, such as Terminix, do not offer such alternatives and therefore shadow the smaller companies that do.
    We live in Dallas and use Green Pest Guys.  It's such an interesting conversation when you find out the essential oils and alternatives that they use on and in your home that are safe for you and your family!

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