I LOVE being a GREEN mom!

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I truly love love love being a green mom - writing this blog - researching everyday about new and innovative ways to live our lives - and sharing all of that information with YOU!!!

I feel extremely blessed to have the followship that I do and I feel accomplished in my endeavors!

I was selected as a Kiwi Mom Ambassador a while back and have been able to test and share homeopathic and all-natural products with my moms groups!

I have been able to teach some of my friends the joy of cloth diapering!

I even have started working with House Party to host green events, such as one that I am doing tomorrow for Green Works!

I truly am blessed!

circ of momsWhat I am completely stoked about, is that Going Green with Noah has been nominated as a Top 25 Eco-Friendly mom site by Circle of Moms!!! WOOHOO!!!

I really do love doing everything that I do and hearing the positive feedback from my followers, friends and family!

If you love what I do....as much as I love doing it, please give me a boost of support by clicking here and giving me the "Thumbs Up" to cast your vote and letting them know how much this blog has influenced you!  Please share this with all you know! The leader has over 700 votes, so I have a long way to go!!!

Thank you again for everything and I hope that I can be considered one of the top 25 lucky ones!


Sananda said…
I tried to click the thumbs up but it wouldn't work????

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