25 Days to Green Travel - Day One

31 Reasons to Travel Green: In Pictures

by KIMBERLY at go green travel green

Every green traveler has those days where she just wants to give up. Pollution, global warming, bad environmental policy decisions – how much of a difference can one person really make?

We’re launching our 25 Days to Green Travel series with photos that remind us why traveling green – and living green – matters. We’re going with the “a picture is worth a thousand words” concept. All of these images except one are from Flickr, many from amateur photographers. No matter what shade of green traveler you are, I hope these photos motivate you to keep traveling green. As I searched for these photos, I was reminded over and over that our travel decisions don’t just affect us; they affect people and wildlife across the world, and they will for generations to come.
The post wraps up with some truly amazing photos of beautiful places, people, and creatures around the world, so stick through the depressing photos to the end and you’ll be rewarded.

The Bad

Destruction of Wildlife

Oiled bird from Black Sea oil spill. photo credit: marinephotobank

Polar bear on melted ice near Barents Island, Norway. © Arne Naevra
polar bear falling through ice

Dead fish in a polluted riverbed, Buenos Aires, Argentina. photo credit: blmurch

dead fish in Buenos Aires

Global Warming

exposed coral reef
Exposed coral reef in Gili Meno, Indonesia. photo credit: yeowatzup

Fragment of a melted iceberg. photo credit: nick_russill
Patagonia glacier
Floating iceberg chunk in Patagonia. photo credit: lrargerich

Melting icebergs in Jökulsárlón, Iceland. photo credit: csproete

Water Pollution

Polluted River Cambodia
Polluted river in Cambodia. photo credit: davilla

Man finding plastic bags in River Yamuna in Delhi, India. photo credit: Koshyk
Metal drum in river
Metal barrel in a green river. photo credit: jantik

Air Pollution

The Taj Choking in Early Morning Smog
Taj Mahal choking in early morning smog. photo credit: mshandro
Beijing smog
Beijing smog. photo credit: diggingforfire
Nova Scotia pollution
Air pollution in Nova Scotia. photo credit: ojbyrne

Car pollution in Cremona, Italy. photo credit: Simone Ramella
Mexico City smog
Mexico City smog. photo credit: arndw
Los Angeles smog

Los Angeles, California smog. photo credit: cwsteeds

Santiago smog

Santiago, Chile smog. photo credit: philliecasablanca

One way to avoid breathing polluted air in Tehran. photo credit: kamshots

plane pollution
Plane pollution, Anywhere. photo credit: mshades

Forest Destruction

deforestation in Guatemala
Deforestation in Guatemala. photo credit: Pati’s Moment in Time
Amazon deforestation
Deforestation in the Amazon. photo credit: dgidsicki

Deforestation in Wakayama, Japan. photo credit: T.Hagihara


Electronics waste in China from the Western World. photo credit: art_es_anna
Chinese baby
Chinese baby surround by electronics parts from the Western World. photo credit:art_es_anna

The Good

Preserve the Sites and Wildlife

Cliffs of Moher, Ireland. photo credit: atomicpuppy68
Mountains and water
Mountains in Brienz, Switzerland. photo credit: pilou 
elephants in Kenya
Elephants in Kenya. photo credit: wildcat_dunny

Moose in Alaska. photo credit: Paul Resh

Support the Local Economy and Way of Life

fish vendor
Fish vendor in Seoul, South Korea. photo credit: neaners


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