Bambo Nature Diapers - Review and Giveaway

I'm about 70% Cloth Diapers and 30% Disposable diapers.

We cloth when we can, but use disposable at night and when we know that we'll be in nursery or running all about town!

Sooo....why do I tell you this?

Well....yes....I'm green, but not 100% holistic.

I try to do my part and when I have to make decisions like....what is the best disposable diaper for my child and the environment, I did my research.

So, outside of winning the three months of Pampers Cruisers in the Happiest Baby Contest from, we have typically used Earth's Best diapers.


Recently, though, I became acquainted with Bambo Nature diapers.  These diapers are slowly but surely making their appearance in the United States and strive to outdo the competitors in the most environmentally conscious disposable diaper.

Bambo Nature is manufactured by Abena. Abena has voluntarily elected to undergo strict rigorous environmental inspections of their products. "The setting of criteria is based on an assessment of impacts during the whole life-cycle - all the way from raw material to production, consumption and waste. This means all raw material suppliers, business partners, distributors, and subsidiaries must embrace these principals and actively take them on board in daily business practice" (Bambo, 2009).

Abena's Bambo diapers are the only baby diaper to carry the Nordic Swan Eco Label that tells consumers which products are the least harmful to the environment but are equivalent in quality to other brands which do not carry the label. In other words, Nordic Swan Eco Lable requires the product to work just as well, but with less of an impact on the environment, as any other similar product. 

These diapers are free from 

Abena only uses state-of-the-art renewable raw materials.
The wood used for pulp is derived from sustainable forestry; where more trees are planted than felled.
There is absolutely zero chlorine used in the bleaching process.
No chemicals or compounds from SVHC (REACH Article 33(2)) are used – Substances of Very High Concern.
No known substances that are harmful to health or the environment.
- Phthalates
- Formaldehyde (HCHO)
- Organotins (MBT, DBT, TBT)
- Colophonium
- Heavy metals
- AZO-pigments
- Chlorine (CI)
- Abena has gone as far as to prevent use of any chemical or compound that is known as locally irritating or sensitizing.
Abena adheres to strict requirements during production.
Abena requires a reduction on energy consumption.
- Bambo Nature Baby Diapers are manufactured on Abena’s newest and most efficient diaper machine.
Abena adheres to requirements on resource consumption.
There are criteria on factory emissions into the air, water and land.
- Abena has reduced carbon dioxide pollution.
There are no chemicals used during production.
- No optical brighteners
- No skin care lotions
- No perfumes, essential oils
- No odor eliminators
Abena has designed an absorbent core with less SAP
- New technology with a wheat starch absorber
Abena has almost completely reduced all waste during manufacturing.
- Even powder and dust from the plant is filtered, collected and sold for further use.
Abena’s packaging and distribution focuses on reducing waste and the use of fuels
Abena coined and started the Re-3 Concept of Recycle, Reduce & Reuse
- Abena’s sustainable carrier bag reduces the world’s CO2 emission by using recycled plastics.
Abena does not use cardboard boxes to package and ship Bambo Nature Baby Diapers.
Products and packaging materials can be disposed of through recycling, incineration or composting.
Products are designed to be easily dismantled so that parts can be recycled and/or composted.
Bambo Nature is 80% biodegradable, more than 3 times as much as other brands.
Stora Enso, wood pulp supplier of Abena, member of Clean Shipping Project.


We received a package of Size 5 Bambo Nature diapers to review.

First off, I love the packaging.  The plastic, of course, is recyclable, BUT....there is a handle on the packaging! LOVE THAT!

As far as the actual diaper, there is no difference in the look or texture of the diaper, in comparison to other conventional diapers, so the fact that they are better for the environment, yet look and operate the same as their competitors was a huge plus in our book.  I always hated how some of the natural and chlorine free diapers look like a dingy brown diaper. Yuk!

We never experienced any leaks and the fit was great on Noah!  Now if I could only teach him how NOT to undo his own diapers!

Recently, for some reason, Noah has had SEVERE diaper rash that nothing has been able to help with, except for our Triple Paste cream.  Well, of course, that leads us to having to set aside our cloth diapers for a time and revert to disposable until it clears up.  It's been really nice having these diapers around!

I would highly recommend these diapers!!!  Make sure to go to their website and buy a package - USE THE COUPON CODE "NOAH" for 10% off of your entire order

... or .... 

stay here and try to win!


Two Grand Prize Winners
One (1) Case of Diapers - That's 60 Diapers!!!!

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One (1) Bag of Diapers

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This giveaway will end on  6/4 at midnight CST.  

Open to residents of the Continental US only.


swiggett said…
Like you and Bambo on FB. Follow you and Bambo on Twitter.
I'm about 2 mo pregnant with my first child right now, and feeling a bit overwhelmed by the diapering (and day care) situation. Since I am the main breadwinner, my husband may stay home full- or part- time, or he may need to keep working. The reality of our situation means that we will most likely not be able to cloth diaper 100% of the time.

The financial and ecological cost of this is mind-boggling to me. Knowing about products like Bambo helps to put my mind at ease. I absolutely love that there are no phthalates and no chlorine (if I don't want it in a tampon, why would it be ok for baby's diaper?).

I was also excited to learn that Bambo is a part of a larger organization, Citrus Enterprises, meaning that we can expect more personal care and health products from them.

Thanks for sharing this information, and I really hope I win! It would certainly help us with our preparations!
Mary Jane Ven said…
I like you and Bambo on FB and follow you and Bambo on Twitter.

As a mom of a two year old and five month old, I was greatly concerned about the dramatic shift in children's health. I believe the most striking difference between our current lifestyle and that of generations in the past is the vast amount of chemicals that we are exposed to everyday. I have been inspired to join and support companies that protect young children from chemicals as well as protecting the earth we live in. Citrus Enterprises seems to be that company. It comforts me to know that they "make environmental issues a high priority." They go above and beyond to ensure that their products are not harmful to their customer's health and environment. I have never seen a company that manufacturers diapers list their ingredients. Bravo Bambo Nature! I will do whatever is necessary to prevent harm to my children and yes, there are many invisible risks that are difficult to identify and prevent, but I am glad there are companies like Bambo Nature that are paving the way. I just hope more companies will follow suit.
Kim C. said…
I like Bambo Nature on FB & twitter and I like you on FB & twitter. (@xxkimhcxx/Kimberly H.C.)

I am glad that this company is so in tune with making the enviornment healthier for us. Its one thing to have to be told to undergo strict enviornmental inspections but to voluntarily undergo them, now that deserves any mothers attention. I LOVE the fact that this is the only diaper in the world with a certified eco-label...if I can do my part in helping the enviornment by purchasing these diapers than another manufacturers, I am definitely doing so. I want my childrens children to be able to experience and see nature as beautiful as I was able to , and this company is taking that big step to ensure that it would be possible. My hopes are that every company will follow to do the same. In addition, I also admire that they use no perfume, odor inhibitors or lotion/moisturizers to prevent allergic reactions in babies. With my first child, I was upset that he had to experience a allergic reaction to a diaper, which no mother ever wants thier child in that kind of pain. If Bambo Nature diapers were around then, I would absolutely have switched to them with no hesitation.

Thanks for the opportunity to win these!
Completed all of the entries!

I am a 100%, full-time cloth diapering momma! With that said, there really are times that it would be much more convenient to use disposables: vacations, when grandma is babysitting, when heavy-duty diaper rash cream is needed. However, because of the impact that most disposables have on the environment and also because of the harsh chemicals that would be against my baby's bum, I have never used them. I care too much to use them. I struggle through extra layers of fleece barriers for diaper rash, giant wet bags (yes, plural...wet bags) for week long vacations and also the constant reminding grandma of how to use the diapers.

I am so glad to finally hear about a company that is offering the convenience of disposables without the devastating costs to landfills and baby bottoms around the world. It is refreshing to hear that somebody out there cares. Cares about convenience for families. Cares about the products and chemicals that will come in contact with our children. Cares about the sustainability of our land for the next generation (that we are currently diapering)!

Thank you for posting this review and educating me about a great company and a great option when cloth diapers just won't work.


kaleidoscopejane at yahoo dot com
I use cloth diaper throughout the day while I am at home, but continue to use disposables at night to prevent leaks. I do not live by stores that carry diapers like Bambo Nature, but have really wanted to try some. I would like the option of using diapers that are safe for my baby when I do use disposables. Having them be safer for the environment is also a huge plus. I love that Bambo Nature not only lists the ingredients and materials used in their diapers, but also goes into further explanation about how these products are made and what they contain. Often times companies claim to use "natural" products, but they still contain many man made and chemical filled products. I follow Bambo Nature and You on facebook and twitter. I left a comment on Bambo Nature's facebook page stating that I heard about them from your blog and tagged you in the post.
Angie B said…
--Liked bamboo nature on FB as free stuff, fun sites, contests, and more and told them you sent me.

--Follow Bamboo Nature on twitter as @angiewith3

--Follow going green with noah on twitter as @angiewith3

--Liked Going Green with noah on FB as free stuff, fun sites, contests, and more

--Visited the website--There are so many reasons for me to like this product. First of all, I've been trying to leave greener myself. I'll be honest, the cloth diapering idea is somewhat intimidating to me. Bamboo Nature would be a greener and more reasonable option for me. I also like that they are "declared" my the allergy and asthma Association in denmark which review every ingredient in products before they will approve it. It has to cause the smallest possible risk for causing allergies and skin irriation. I Think that's always a concern when diapering a baby.

angiewith3 at live dot com
Amanda C said…
I like you on FB and Twitter, Follow Bambo on Twitter and FB (and let them know you sent me)

I am a new mom for the first time. I have always tried to be green, but having a baby has opened up a whole new green world. I have been reading some different blogs, a lot of whom cloth diaper. So I decided I wanted to do it, but at the advice of one of the bloggers to start slow. This would be the perfect solution. To start with some cloth diapering and use an eco friendly disposable. I LOVE that these diapers are chemical free. My daughter has extrememly sensitive skin and this puts me totally at ease. I also agree that it is nice that they look like normal...white. One of the things that has me most excited about this product is that not only are the diapers wonderful, chemical free, comes in recyclable packaging, etc. THEY ARE MADE IN A ENERGY EFFICIENT FACILITY! I absolutely love that they are made in a place where start to finish they are trying to use as little energy as possible and leave a very small carbon footprint. I would absolutely love to try this product as I have been trying to find an eco friendly disposable that came with good reviews. Thank you for the review!
d schmidt said…
Like Bambo Nature on Facebook and told them you sent me thanking them for the give away. Link:

Like you on Facebook (D Schmidt)
Follow both you on Bambo on Twitter (mummytotwoboys1)

Visited Bambo Nature and I love that their statement is a sustainable society with sustainable consumption, it is a shame more companies do not have that type of foresight.
I had no idea until reading their site that Bambo nature is the only Baby Diaper in the world with a certified eco-label; called the Nordic Swan Eco-label. Their diapers contain no perfumes, lotions or deodorant. I looked on the site and the design of the product is great with a breathable back sheet that allows air to circulate which reduces wetness and in turn skin irritation. The resealable tabs are a definite plus as well!
Unknown said…
Following Bambo Nature on Twitter (as ericanicholas)and Facebook (Erica Ann Nicholas).
Following Going Green with Noah on Twitter (as ericanicholas) and Facebook (as Erica Ann Nicholas).

Currently I am a disposable diaper mom. I very badly want to switch over to cloth, but it is hard to convince my baby's father to do so. I think if we switched over to a diaper like this it would put my mind at ease. I feel horrible throwing out so many diapers on a daily basis, just today I took three trash bags of diapers to the trash cans! And, that was only about a weeks worth! I would feel a lot better about throwing them out if I knew they were biodegradable. I'm very happy to see that Bambo Nature has a diaper that is 75% biodegradable. Even if I do switch fully over to cloth at some point, having these diapers as a back up or for when my son goes to his grandparent's would be great.
Unknown said…
Liked and thanked and followed (Christine M. @_tubbytelly) I look for diapers that have the least amount of chemicals because I have an allergy-laden/sensitive-skinned baby. I only use the "environmental" chlorine-free diapers. I think Bambo Nature would be a great allergy-free alternative to use.
Anonymous said…
Like both on Facebook Anders M. Follow both on Twitter @Svensk_Man. I love that Bambo Nature is “the only diaper brand to have the Nordic Swan Eco-label.”
1. This fact should be played up and emphasized for the American buying public! Everyone today, especially parents, are trying to live greener so that we can leave a better world for our children.
2. I have not seen this certification on ANY product in the US; doesn’t mean they don’t exist but I have not encountered it on any organic or natural product for sale for babies. This diaper is definitely a new and different option out there for the eco-conscious parent. I hope you succeed with this great product.
andersm78 at ymail dot com

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