25 Days to Green Travel: Day Twenty Five - Spread the Word!

Spread the Word

You’re home. Home from a wonderful, relaxing, and sustainable trip. While you were traveling you did everything you possibly could (within reason) to be a green traveler. So now you ask yourself, “What more could I possibly do?”
Tell people.
Tell your friends, family, your family’s friends, and your friends’ families all about your green travels.
Tell them what was easy about being a responsible traveler and tell them what was challenging about traveling sustainably.
Tell them how much you enjoyed the eco-lodge you stayed at or the organic wine you drank. Tell them what a challenge it was to get from one side of the country to the other via public transportation, but in the end it was worth it because of the kind locals you met.
To continue being a green traveler you must spread the word.
This is the twenty-fifth and final post in Go Green Travel Green’s 25 Days to Green Travel series. You can see the complete list of articles in the 25 Days to Green Travel Index
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