Cell Phones = Flashlights

We've been doing this since Noah was born, but only last night did I realize how absolutely funny it is!

Noah still sleeps in a bassinet next to my bedside since he STILL does is not anywhere close to sleeping through the night and still feeds 3-4 times every night......

We have started "getting ready" for bed in our guest bathroom so as not to wake little man.

When we need to venture into the bedroom, though, that is when it begins....we break out the cell phones and the soft glow of the screen serves as a flashlight to guide us to our PJ's, bedside, etc. I even use it to peek into his bassinet to make sure that he is doing OK. For some reason, the cell phone light is soft enough not to wake him!

The funny thing is, though, as much as we try.....and even with the alternate use of this technology, it is inevitable that we still make as much noise as we possibly can!


Anonymous said…
Hi there, saw your blog listed on the momblognetwork. I do the exact same thing with my phone! It's become my phone/flashlight/distracting toy in a pinch :)
hello! thank you for your sweet note today!

it's a pleasure to meet you! ;)

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