We were in need of diapers and I love taking advantage of CVS and their extracare bucks!!

So this is what I did today!!!

In my first transaction, I bought two (2) packs of Pampers Cruisers - they were on sale for $8.97 each with $3.00 ECB (Extra Care Bucks) back on each one. In addition, I had two (2) $2 off coupons, so I was able to use one on each

$8.97 +$8.97 = $17.94

- $4.00 in coupons + Tax

= $15.09 with $6.00 in ECB


I purchased some gripe water (which our FSA will cover) at $11.99, two (2) Boxes of Raisin Bran for $1.97 each (using a $1.50/2 coupon) and then one 7.6 oz. Colgate Total for $3.99 with $3.99 back in ECB.


$11.99 Gripe Water
$3.99 Colgate Total
$1.97 Raisin Bran
$1.97 Raisin Bran
-$1.50 Raisin Bran
-$11.99 Gripe Water (FSA)
-$6.00 in ECB from previous diaper purchase

Total spent in second purchase = .43
PLUS I got the $3.99 in ECB from the Colgate Total......

So in reality I got:

Two (2) Packages of Pampers Cruisers
Gripe Water
Colgate Total
Two (2) Boxes of Raisin Bran

All for $11.53 :)



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