Nursery Rhyme Tyme

I have been trying to become more active with Noah outside of the home for two reasons. To let him experience more than playing on the floor with Mommy - Number One. Number Two - To try and make some new Mommy friends, which seem so hard to find.

So, I found this Nursery Rhyme Tyme at the Lewisville Library. It's free and was so much fun.

There were actually to other girls in the class with me that had their baby boys' at the same hospital as me and were actually there at the same time as me as well. One baby, Bo, was 1 day younger than Noah and Gabe was 3 days older than Noah. Very cool.

The class was only 20 minutes long and is intended for children birth - 18 months old. It consisted of singing nursery rhymes, reading books - outloud and then just together, singing with bells and then playing with a parachute! Great fun!

We even get a free book if we go 15 times! Yeah!

Here was the fun:

We're 1st in Line - We've got our card!

Mommy reading "Sheep in a Jeep" to Noah

Noah and Mommy

PLAYING PARACHUTE :) At the end he started crying, which is why you see me put the camera down!

All tuckered out!

Until next time!!!


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