Sunny Days are Here to Stay

We have had some great sunny days the last couple of days! Well into into the low to mid 70's!

Since Noah is a winter baby and not quite used to a lot of sun, we have been trying to give him a lot of outdoor time.

I placed him in his swing outside, while I was cleaning all of the toys that I bought at Divine Consign. Noah LOVES watching Marquis play fetch!

We also took a walk today, after Daddy got off of work - It was so bright that we had to sport shades!

"Don't mess with me!"

Oh yeah! I'm Awesome!

We walked down to the park and swung in our first swing - Scroll down to see photos and video!

Whoa....Not quite sure about this!

Daddy Swinging Me......

I'm a Big Boy!

This is freakin' awesome! Keep it up Dad!


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