Holy Poop Batman!

You hear it time and time again......stories of unruly baby poop.

Across the walls, across the floor.....

We've had two major incidents with Noah - once when he was a newborn and he shot his poop across the room, nearly hitting his bookshelf.

The second was at a friends house about a month ago......needless to say we had to borrow an outfit from them!

The third was today. He was stinky all morning...but lo and behold .... nothing.

I placed Noah in his jumperoo and that must have opened the floodgates! I picked him up when he got fussy and he was even stinkier than before. I decided to change his diaper and take him out of his PJ's............




It consumed his diaper....up his back....all on the inside of his onesie!

Then as I was changing him, how it happens....I don't know! On my hands .... on his feet .... in my wedding and engagement ring! AH!

I stripped him - threw everything in the hamper - and put him in his bath! Whew......

What a nightmare! LOL!

The joys of parenthood .... :) Stories you'll never forget!


Sarah said…
I sure don't miss that
Anonymous said…
oh gosh.... the early days. still deciding which is worse; newborn poop, 2-year-old poop, or in-the-bathtub poop.

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