Our First Cereal!

Yesterday was a big day for us!

First of all, it was great because Jonathan took the day off to stay at home with us!

Noah and I started off the day by going to MoMe Yoga at Northpark Mall again. Once again it was outside - way to sunny and way to windy to have babies outside. We made it about 3/4 of the way through before he LOST it! I ended up having to leave early.

Then we got back home, only to get ready for Noah's 4 month appointment that we all went to.

Noah was given a clean bill of health as well as all of his 4 month shots :( He did not take it well!

One of our major concerns is that Noah will be 4 months old on Tuesday and he is still waking up every 1.5 - hours!!! Since he has actually had 2 nights where he has pulled 7 hours straight, she knew that he COULD do it and was not concerned. She did give us the go-ahead for cereal though!!! YEAH!

Noah weighed in at 14.8 lbs (50th percentile) and 25.5" long (75% percentile). He apparently has gone through a HUGE length growth spurt!

After the appointment and calming Noah down, we ran to Sprouts to buy some organic rice cereal. Then tonight before bedtime, he had his first "solid" food. 1 tbsp. of cereal to 4 tbsp. of breastmilk.

We had a great time....Here are the pictures:


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