The Melugin Family Birthdays

On Saturday, we drove to Burleson and celebrated our nieces' birthdays. Chloe turns 2 this month and Kaytlynn turns 8.

We drove up to see an ENORMOUS bounce house that could be seen from the front of the house and towering over the roof :)

We always love spending time with friends and family!

Well....I have to start off with a
picture of our bundle of joy.....

And here is our niece, cutie Cate that will be turning 1 next month......

Here is Birthday Girl #1 - Kaytlynn, 8

And Birthday Girl #2 - Chloe, 2

After the celebration, we went ahead and had bathtime at David and Layna's house......

Noah and Daddy

Needless to say that we were exhausted by the end and crashed!


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