The Accidental "Cry It Out" Session

Oh my gosh!

I feel like the worst mother ever!

So, as my followers remember, Noah is now officially sleeping in his crib.

I, therefore, sleep with the baby monitor on my bedside.

Last night, Noah starting rustling around at about 12:15 p.m., so as directed, I set my little timer for 15 minutes and turned the monitor down. After 15 minutes, I usually get up to check and see how he is doing.

Well.....last night, I never turned the timer on - I pressed the wrong button (not knowing) and subsequently turned the monitor down.

I fell back asleep and then I jolted awake, not knowing the time, assuming that he had fallen back asleep........ OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!! It was 5:00 a.m.!!!!

I rushed into the baby's room and lo and behold, he was awake and smiling!

How long had he cried? Who knows.....but as Jonathan put it.....he survived....he's alive and he was happy!


What a night!


The Alpert Fam said…
LOL!! That just goes to show that mom really do need sleep and that babies will make it!!
Shannon said…
That just may turn out to be a blessing in disguise! I'm sure he cried for a little while then learned to self soothe and put himself to sleep. The best thing I did for GG was to turn down the monitor a tad so not to hear every little noise she made. Once I relaxed with the monitor a bit and stopped running in there every five minutes (plus a little sleep training) she began sleeping much better! Good luck, hope this streak of sleep continues (for you both).
Courtney said…
Hey Melanie, it's Courtney from MTM...I know you are freaking out and feel terrible that your baby was crying for what you imagine to be hours and hours, but your hubby is totally right...Noah was fine and happy, and really, he probably didn't cry that long. But I can definitely imagaine how you feel!

But look on the bright side, I bet tonight he hardly cries at all. When I did the cry it out method with Nate the first night was the hardest, and the second night he cried just a few times and just for a few minutes.

Good luck momma, you're doing great!!
Real Life said…
Wow it was probably good you were exhausted so that he could go back to sleep without you worrying, but wow what a scary feeling it must have been for you when you first woke up. I am now following from both my sites. Have a great night.

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