Book Review: Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time -
What to Do When the Fairy Tale
Doesn't Come True

By: Jody Capehart
ISBN: 1-56476-338-2

What happens when your life doesn't turn out like the fairy tale you dreamed it would be as a little girl?

Talk about a life worth talking about! This is a true life story of Jody Capehart who lives right here in the great city of Dallas.

After enduring much hardship in her life, including her pregnancy through a divorce, her faith in God pulls her through. Filled with inspirational story after story, Jody uses a lot of humor combined with scripture to make riveting conclusions that we can implement in our own lives.

If you need a book that can uplift and inspire you, while making you laugh, this is that book.

She provides hope and encouragement through these simply short chapters.....what a great book!

Jody is a ramped up woman, constantly on the go, an educator and great resource for parents of children with ADD.

She founded three Christian schools in Dallas, taught at each and was the principal as well! She currently is teaching Charm classes for young women.

I am extremely blessed to be able to attend a Women's Conference this weekend in which she will be speaking. I am very very excited.

I will make sure to let everyone know what it was like, the meantime....pick up this book. You won't regret it!


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