Explaining Easter

Hello everyone!

I have a blog (TSJ Photography) that I follow for two reasons:

1) I love her photography

2) She is a Christian and I love the way that she incorporates that into her blog.

She posted today and had the best way to explain Easter to children, while allowing them to be interactive and have fun.....

Resurrection Buns!

Click here to see her blog!



Anonymous said…
so funny! I saw these on her blog and commented. it's a brilliant idea. on one hand it's so hard to explain such concepts to little ones, and on the other hand it's so simple. childlike faith :)
aww ... hello! i'm flattered to have found you and this post ... thank you!!

i love hearing when my thoughts and photography touch others.

and to know you're spreading the word, and hopefully someone else will spread the word and that's how God's Word gets known ... love it!!

many blessings to you this Easter holiday ...
Shannon said…
Stopping by from Mom Bloggers. What an adorable baby! Happy Easter!

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