Flowers Come Forth......and more Springtime Activities

As previously mentioned, Noah and I were going to plant flowers to bring in Spring.....

We began with what was the sad outcome of not covering the plants from the multiple freak freezes that Texas encountered:

We're ready to begin:

Ooooooo Pretty!!!!

We ended up planting Hot Shot Azaleas


Spider Gerbera Daisies

Crawling Phlox

Pink Hydrangea

And then we planted a Hybrid Blue Rose bush that Aunt Angela gave us..........

Once we were done planting, we filled up the birdfeeder:

We chilled out a little:

Played a little Frisbee:

And then when Daddy got home........we cooked out...... Mmmmmmmmm


Shannon said…
I'm cracking up at Noah sitting there in the Bumbo in that first pic. He looks a bit like a potted plant cute! Love those cheeks!
JMN said…
OK! I love that you called him a potted plant!!!
Show Me Mama said…
love the flowers and your little one is too cute. I am your new follower. Come visit my blog any time. leave me a comment, so i know you visited
Anonymous said…
Noah is SOOOO cute!! (And your flowers are amazing!)

Found you via Mommies Faves! Love your blog and am your newest follower!

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