Plastics, Parabens, Paranoia....OH MY!

I must say that when we became pregnant with Noah, I became a little obsessed with everything that I was putting on myself, what I was around, what I was breathing, what I was eating and drinking (for the most part - I guess I had to with the gestational diabetes).....You name it - I questioned it.

I began to do research and find resources for the things that I was most worried about including Parabens in almost every body product we use and plastics (the good, the bad and the ugly). Those were the main two - yes, there were others.


Look at the back of any of your brand name lotions, makeup, hair products, shaving gels, toothpaste, etc and you will (more than likely) find ingredients ending in ___paraben. So that I don't bore everyone to death - click here for more information. It's actually a mimic of estrogen, are used as preservatives and MAY be a cause to cancer.


There are 7 types of plastic - 3 are good and 4 are bad.

Plastics contain chemicals that are known as hormone disruptors and can filter into our drinks and our food, when used. In addition, plastics are made from petroleum - a non-renewable material.

Why are these chemicals used? Well - to make plastic pliable.

Courtesy of - Here is a guide to plastics. I promise there is a point....let me make it.


I recently purchased some chicken from WalMart. The brand name is Harvestland and they advertise Purely All Natural Chicken - No hormones or steroids - No antibiotics - Fed 100% All vegetarian diet.....

Well, I was excited to find an organic chicken option at Walmart! Much to my dismay, though, I turned the packaging over when I got hom
e....#6 plastic (PS) .......ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Let me remind you:

#6 Plastics contain Benzene and is a known human carcinogen. It also contains Butadiene and Styrene that are suspected carcinogens!!!!

So here I am buying organic chicken that is resting on a toxic plastic! How is that healthy for me and my family?

Case #2

Last week I went to Chick-fila and I am a sucker for sweet I get a large......

When I went to recycle the cup, I happened to notice that the cup is made with #6 plastic!!!

So....I drank right out of a known toxin.....

Case #3

I stop by McDonalds to get a sweet tea....told you it was a weakness....

Sure enough (see pics below) .... #6 plastic!

I really am dumbfounded that the rates of cancer and other issues, such as autism and ADD in children, have risen exponentially in the last several decades, yet we don't consider that items in our every day lives could be causing them.....especially ones that we can control.

THE END - ENOUGH OF MY RANT.....I do hope it made you more aware though!


Christine said…
That sucks about the packaging. At least you tried?

Coming over from twitter hop thursday. Do you have a twitter acct? I followed your blog while I was here. Hope you'll check out mine and decide to follow!
Veronica Lee said…
Hi! Stopping by from MBC. Great blog.
Important stuff to know! I am following you now!
Molly McB said…
Sadly, I don't think that these concerns ever go away for your kids - the list just gets longer! UGH! Thanks for visiting Healthy As A Family

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