Houston.....We have Crawfish!!! Over.....

As long awaited.....the Houston trip blog!

Jonathan, Noah and I went down to the Woodlands to visit my Dad for the first time since he moved there last year.

On the way down Hwy 45, there was miles upon miles of wildflowers! Thank you Lady Bird Johnson! It was beautiful and we took a bunch of pictures.

Noah did well for his first road trip....only waking up because I woke him up for the bluebonnet pictures and to eat :)

We spent the first night at home and enjoyed Dad's backyard! So many trees.....Noah had fun hanging out with Papa!

We attended a local Crawfish festival.....mmmmm......Crawfish! That is one thing I do miss about living in New Orleans.....the crawfish boils were amazing!

We walked around.....

in the Baby Bjorn

and the Stroller

Saw the most ghetto Crawfish eating table - Yes - this is a piece of wood being held up by sawhorses!!!

Ate some Crawfish

And some Fried Oreos...mmmmm......

Ate some more with Papa.......

On the car ride out, once again, Daddy was able to make Noah giggle!

We were tuckered out after that!

Afterwards, we convinced (dragged) Jonathan to go into a couple of thrift stores with us.....and lo and behold he found something to play with!

The next day, we attended church with my Dad. It was beautiful!

Man - It was bright!

All in all, we had great food and great fun with family!


Tree said…
Sounds like a really wonderful time!! I LOVE crawfish too...haven't had them in years!

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