Our First Trip to the Zoo....and other Activities

This weekend was jam packed!

Jonathan took off Thursday and golfed.

He took off Friday and we went nonstop all day!

We started at the pediatrician - Still trying to find a proper course of action for Noah's asthma and allergies.

Then we went to my old company, Outstanding Productions, and attended a luncheon for Jeff - my old boss - for his birthday! We had a great time.

Afterwards, we decided that it was such a pretty day - that we would take the short drive down to the Dallas Zoo!

Not only was this Noah's first trip to the zoo.....but our first trip to the zoo together as a couple as well as a family!

This is how we started our day - very happy!

Mom and Dad were happy too, because when we were arriving.....all the school groups were leaving! There was hardly ANYONE in the park! It was great!

Since it wasn't in the original plans to go to the zoo, we didn't have a hat for Noah.....so we bought him one.....

The Dallas Zoo was great! It even had a Children's Zoo with a water area that taught about conservation, as well as farmyard animals.....well.....I'm not sure I've ever seen Pygmy goats on a farm!

Playing in the Water

Sitting in the Caterpillar

This was the best goat out there!

Noah was very interested in the animals!

We made it all the way to the amphibians before we started to get fussy

Noah and Mommy

The Albino Alligator

Can you see his paw moving? He was swinging at us! LOL!

And this guy was digging and trying to get out to us!

And after the amphibian exhibit.........


(I've got to get a more supportive wrap!)

So after Noah fell asleep, Jonathan and I were able to relax and enjoy some more of the zoo:

Bless his heart - He was so hot......

There were 5 of these monster tortoises!

These birds made the coolest nests.....

Aren't they? The nest is in the interior!

I can't wait until the new elephant / giraffe exhibit opens!!!!! It was really neat to finally see Jenny face to face - If you don't know her story....it's amazing! Click here.

What a great day as a family!!!!!

Then on Saturday, we headed out to Southlake for the Art in the Square. I expected a little more, but it was great fun for Noah.....(and Mommy and Daddy)

These windcatchers were probably the coolest things out there!!!!!


Sarah said…
The Dallas Zoo isn't bad but I've always preferred the Fort Worth Zoo. But it looks like you guys had fun! And that hat for Noah is super cute.
jo oliver said…
Stopping by from the MBC. Looks like a fun day. Noah is too cute:) The zoo is one of the few things my daughter really loves.

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