Adventures in Baby Food Making: Cereal Continued

So sorry that it has taken some time to update you on my Adventures in Baby Food Making via the book - Super Baby Food.

My first attempt was a horrible failure - simple rice cereal. I had been using Earth's Best organic, but I wanted to try my hand at homemade.

My second attempt went much better. My big downfall? I used my food processor for the rice and not the blender like the directions told me.

So, here is how I successfully made homemade rice cereal for Noah:

First, I ground 1/2 cup brown rice in the blender for 2 minutes (Don't worry about the motor getting hot! It's supposed to be able to work like this.)

Until it became a fine powder

Then, I boiled two cups of water and immediately reduced the heat to low and added the rice powder. While adding, I stirred with whisk vigorously.

I covered the pot for 10 minutes, stirring occasionally.

Finally, I divided the cereal into Pampered Chef bowls with lids to refrigerate.

My conclusion - My thoughts?

Although I successfully created this Super Porridge, I have decided to go back to his organic boxed cereal from Earth's Best.

For two reasons:

1) He HATED the homemade cereal - I should have started it from the beginning

2) The cereal that I make at home is not iron-fortified.

Therefore, I will keep with the boxed cereal and make all his veggies and fruits at home :)


Sherri said…
I LOVE that you make your own baby food! thanks for the great ideas!
Good for you!!
I never made the cereal, but I make all his food now (apples, pears, potatoes, green beans etc etc etc....) & I LOVE knowing exactly what's going into him! Plus, I head over to Trader Joe's, if I can, & he gets to eat all organic. Love it!

Good for you, & what you're doing!!
Sarah said…
I don't think it's a big deal that you will be buying his cereal, mostly since he really won't be eating it for too much longer. Making his own fruits and veggies is a good idea though - I am sure they will be a LOT more palatable than jarred baby food! It's so disgusting! I would sometimes feel bad feeding it to my boys, haha, but I couldn't afford fresh foods at that time. Maybe with the next one. Also, it will probably be easier for you to transition him to chunkier foods in a few months, since you can give him the same foods but just vary the consistency.
Edie Mindell said…
I love your blog, especially your baby food recipes. I love it that you are hands-on in preparing your baby's meals. I will try one of your recipe when I'll have free time. Thanks.

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