Naked Baby

I took several pictures, but I LOVED this one :)

Thought I'd share in my JOY!


What an adorable little naked baby! I have one of those to and he makes me smile every day! Visiting from MBC! Come say hi at any time!
joeandbridge said…
Oh, I love clean naked babies. My youngest is 7 now and I miss that clean baby smell. Enjoy! :)
Brittany said…
Your baby is So cute! I just got your comment on my blog from hiptips4u and I am so embarrassed because I accidentally posted that post way before I was done writing it. I am not sure how it happened actually???I am sure you could tell it was missing something. Anyway thanks for stopping by. :)
Congratulations on your anniversary!
debi9kids said…
Hi! I saw you signed up for the Tuesday Blog Party. Are you going to be auctioning off something for the party?
Meghan said…
Thanks for participating in the Monday Madness blog hop! We hope your Monday isn't too "Madness-y"

Amber D said…
What a cutie! I'm still catching up from my frist Follow Friday. Thanks for the follow!

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