Step 2 to Green: Green Lawn Care

I blogged the other day about how we had switched from Terminix to Green Pest Guys.

I also mentioned that our next step was to move over to green lawn care.....and we did!

We had a traditional lawn service that did your basic mow, trim and edge.

After attending the Live Green Expo in Plano, we not only met our new pest guy, but we also met Casey from Earth Turf Lawn Care.

When he came out to do our estimate, I asked him what made them "green":

* All of their equipment is flown in from California and therefore produce 60% less emissions than that of traditional lawn care services.

* All of their mulch and fertilizer is all natural and produced locally

* All of their vehicles are low emission

* All of their uniforms are made of organic cotton

* Their home office uses Green Mountain Electricity, which we use as well

Why did we choose to switch?

Well - Noah is about to crawl AND we have 2 puppies. If they eat anything out in the lawn, they will not be eating chemicals!

Also, when it came to price, I was a bit concerned. But...we were able to negotiate and get the same rate as we are now for increased services. We get our lawn serviced all 52 weeks of the year, whether it be the full mow or just an edge in the wintertime. Then, for the same price as our former service, we will get flower bed service, organic mulching and hedge trimming!

We really couldn't pass it up!


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