I've been meaning to blog about this for the longest time and it always escapes me (or another blog consumes my mind).

Recently, I have had the addiction of collecting all of Sandra Boynton's books for Noah's collection. I love her books....but that is another blog.

I found a great website called

The way it works?

* Post books that you no longer want.

* Someone will come along and claim the book.

* They give you the labels for packaging and you pay to mail the book to the requestor.

* They will post it as "Received" and you get a credit.

* Then, go on their website and find books that you want and request them from their owner and use on of your credits.

* They then pay the cost of shipping the book to you.

I have traded over nearly 50 books on this website and love love love it!!!

Go ahead - Check it out - And then tell me how much you love it too!!!


Christina said…
Thanks for stopping by my blog! :)
jenjen said…
What a cool site. I will check it out! Thanks for coming over and saying hi! Your chicken recipe sounds yummy!

Following you back! Thanks for stopping by!
Jennifer said…
Now that sounds like a really cool site!! :)
I love this idea! Following you from FMBT! Come say hi!

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