The Adventures in Baby Food Making: Cereal

Ever since Noah was born, we said that I was going to make our own baby food.

Well, not until yesterday did I try this, as we've been giving him Earth's Best iron fortified organic cereals (which he LOVES).

Our good friend, Brynn, suggested that we use the book Super Baby Food as a guide, and then it was reiterated to us by our pediatrician. (She actually told us to listen to it all, except for one thing, which I will talk about later).

I tried to make a homemade brown rice cereal yesterday - their preliminary Super Porridge, but it did not come out as I had planned. The consistency was too coarse and the rice didn't cook enough and it was too crunchy.

Oh well, today - day 2, we'll try it again, but with a ground pearled barley. I'll let you know how that goes.

I'm super excited and can't wait to let everyone know about our Adventures in Baby Food Making!


The Alpert Fam said…
We use the same book!! Worked great for my sis-in-law. On the rice you have to really let it go in the blender or processor for awhile!

Good luck. I love making Cason's even though he won't eat it :(

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