The Cross in our Body

I follow a fellow Mommy blogger, Sweet Jeanette, who posted about this today and I found so interesting that I wanted to share with my followers.

I have heard scientists proclaim that science is God. But what if I could prove that God not only claims us as his own, but put proof inside of us?

Enter Laminins.

Laminins are major proteins in the basal lamina, a protein network foundation for most cells and organs.

Laminins are what hold the trillions of cells from within us - together.

OK - So my point?

Look at what the scientific image of laminins are -




Kelli @ RTSM said…
How cool is that! I believe the Bible just because it is God's word, but I love when science shows proof for those who don't have the same faith.
sweetjeanette said…
Hi! I'm so honored you are passing this along. (of course it's not my original knowledge - lol) God is so awesome - we see His handiwork in everything!

jeanette from

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