Step 1 to Green: Green Pest Control: Continuing to Go Green

So today I had Greg, the chief Greenie, from Green Pest Guys come to our home to do a free estimate on pest control. We met him at The Green Expo in Plano, TX about a month ago.

There were two main reasons that I signed up with them today:

1) They are green!

2) I hated the way Terminix treated us!

We are keeping our termite control with Terminix, but now have a green pest service!

What could be even better than this?

They were $100 cheaper per year than Terminix - Without all the chemicals! And....Greg was super nice and I didn't feel as I was getting weaseled into pest control like what happened to us with Terminix.

Next step - Green Lawncare!


Michelle Hoad said…
I'm your newest follower from FMBT! I'm looking for a green pest service in our area to get rid of scorpions. Although at this point, I'm so freaked out, someone could show up in a hazmat suit and I wouldn't care. I hate scorpions and my two youngest have already been stung.
Amber said…
Luckly we haven't had to deal with pest control but its fun to know they are out there.

Here is another easy way to go green. Sign up for my giveaway that includes a number of 'greenie' type things.
Katie said…
That's awesome that you found a green pest control company. I recently found an organic pest control company and left a major company too. I'm glad there are alternatives to chemicals if people choose to do so.

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