Bella Sol Bebe Boutique ** Reversible Sun Bonnet Review **

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The Texas heat is one to be reckoned with!

Outside of Arizona....I'm not sure that there is another state that could touch what Texas encounters each summer!  It really is horrific and made us want to move on multiple occasions.

Having a baby in this sun and this heat is also quite a challenge.  Lathering up with sunscreen is one thing, but when your baby (like mine) refuses to wear a poses to be a very frustrating fight.

Bella Sol Bebe Boutique has designed a line of reversible sun bonnets for both boys and girls that not only are stylish, but block the sun and cannot be easily torn off their little heads by little grabby hands.

I think that my poor husband about died when he first saw it - a bonnet for a boy?  Then I put it on.  We were in the awful heat and sun - headed to Fort Worth to the Etsy Fort Worth Indie Craft Bazaar.  Walking from the parking garage to the craft fair was hot, but this bonnet extends quite far past their little face and arches just so perfectly to block 99% of the sun!  

Noah did try to tear off the bonnet, which he couldn't due because of the snaps, but stopped messing with it completely once we were in the active sun.  I think he realized that it really did shade his eyes!  When we were not in the direct sun, we could fold it back to decrease the protection needed.

I was so pleased with this product!  Not only in its functionality, but the awesomely cute pattern and ... by far ... the quality of the product.  The material and final product just boasted "expensive" to me.  It definitely looks like you spent money to buy this quality product.

I highly recommend the Bella Sol Bebe sun bonnets for your little boy or girl!  You really won't regret the amazing amount of protection that it provides.

On a final note, while we were walking into the bazaar, there was a very large children't consignment sale across the hall and a HUGE line of people.  I don't know if our child has ever received as much attention as he did that day!

Thanks again Bella Sol Bebe Boutique!  Your products are outstanding in style and quality!

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