Eco Friendly Books

How do you suppose you can read and not encourage and promote the destruction of trees?

Well ...  Two ways.

1) Buy used.  Half Price Books is a regular haunt of ours.  Also, is a great online resource

2) Buy a Kindle. This electronic reader allows you to buy the book in digital format!

As many of you have heard, Blogmania is in full-effect and Bitten by Books is giving away a Kindle!

Wow.  How I would love one of these!

Go and check it out yourself!!!

Be green! Stay green.


I'm a library user. It's green in two ways...reusing and no cash!

As for the Kindle, I have friends who have them and love them, but I also have friends who wonder about what will happen to a Kindle when it stops working...I'm no tin the market for one, but if/when I get there, that will be first on my mind.

As for kids' books, as a teacher I love them, and there are many places they can be donated once used a bit: classrooms, daycares, Goodwill, libraries--all good places to reuse kids' books.

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