Story Time for Me! Free Online Books!

As many of you know, Noah loves to read.  He loves books, loves the words on the pages and just loves listening to me read.

I have recently blogged about the Kindle as an eco-friendly alternative for adults to new books, but I recently discovered a great alternative for children!

Story Time For Me is a unique literary website designed specifically for toddlers and children in early elementary school, allowing them to read and listen to enjoyable, online multimedia picture books.  These fantastic children’s books are surely to be cherished by child and parent alike!

Here is a great brochure that fully explains the benefits of this program and what all of the Children’s Storybooks Online provide for your child.

I downloaded Flame the Dragon and Ben and the Green Earth Team. I OF COURSE, had to get the Green Earth Team :)  I wouldn't be much of a green mama if I didn't :)

I think that Noah will like them a little more when something can captivate his attention for more than a couple of minutes, but the concept is definitely cute!

Animated characters and a narrator read the book to your child - the words are then highlighted as they are spoken to assist in helping your child learn to read.

How would you like your own books?

In this giveaway, EVERYONE is a winner!

For everyone who is reading this, I am being allowed to offer 2 free online Children's Stories for your child! 

In order to access your books, all you have to do is register with and confirm your email.  (Please make sure to check your junk mail and be on the lookout for an email from Once you register and confirm, you will be allowed to pick any 2 Children’s Books that you’d like.

Now…..would you like the opportunity to receive yet another 10 stories for free!

This is what you need to do:

2)    Create a Facebook post on your wall encouraging your friends to check out Story Time for Me and to take advantage of the 2 free stories

3)    Refer 5 friends to sign up for the 2 free stories – and they will actually need to register, just like you did!

4)    Send a private message through Facebook to Andrew with Story Time for Me with your full name and email – as well as the full names and emails of the friends that signed up. letting him know that you did all of the above and that I sent you!

No fear!  No purchase is necessary – You (and your friends) will just use the special code to earn your 2 books once registered.

Once your 5 friends have registered, then you will be notified via email and sent a unique access code in which you can then redeem for 10 additional stories (a $24 value).

Our children are definitely the wave of the technology age and as parents, we know how they are drawn to computers.  Why not take that love and make it a fun and learning experience?

Take a moment to peruse the Story Time For Me website and go ahead and register for your 2 free books today! 


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