Going Green on Labor Day - Local Love

Have you ever wondered how you could be environmentally conscious on Labor Day?

Maybe - Maybe not.

Well here are some great ideas on how to be green on this holiday weekend:

1) Celebrate local 

Labor Day is the celebration of the social and economic achievements of American Workers.  Our fuel comes from foreign lands, and the price to pay has been outlandish - with the deaths of miners in West Virginia and the offshore oil employees on Deepwater Horizon.  We continue to buy things from China and Taiwan - Why? To fill our homes up with THINGS that we don't need!

What can we do?  Buy local.  Support local.  Celebrate those who are making things from local, sustainable materials and building local markets for craftsmanship and longevity.  Visit local craft fairs, buy from Etsy.com, Artfire.com, anything that reduces our dependence on foreign imports!  

Not only does this support the American economy financially, but maybe our small steps with help create jobs and turn our economy around!  It may be a little more expensive, but respect that, buck up, pay the extra dollar and help America out.

2) Stay at Home

Our dependence on foreign fuel impacts our everyday lives and literally fuels our dependence on fossil fuels.  So stay home - save the gas!  What do we do?  Be creative!  Play games, grill out, swim in the local pool, ride your bikes, play in the park.  Spend time with your family.  Curl up and read a used book. Eliminate our need for fossil fuels by remember our Earth today.

3) Work in the Garden / Plant a Tree

Not only will you be reducing the need for fossil fuels, but you will also be helping the environment (and the beauty of your home) by planting trees and flowers!  Trees process carbon dioxide in the air - thus allowing us to breathe cleaner air.

There are so many things that we can do - small steps.

What will you do today?

Leave a comment - Let me know!


Render Me Mama said…
Awesome ideas! We do our best to buy local but sometimes its a lot harder than it sounds. I love the website Local Harvest for finding local farms but a lot of Whole Foods markets carry local produce too.

I really wish we could be better about the driving less thing but my husband drives for work. Someday we will be better!

Enjoy your holiday!
Esther - TTByM said…
I always visit the local farmers market fir fresh fruits n vegetables. I also use public transport.

I am your new follower! http://toddlertalesbymommy.blogspot.com/
stash mama said…
Heyy Thanks for the follow! I am totally following you back now! I hope you get a chance to enter the Trim Treads giveaway ending tomarrow with low entries! @
Stash Mama
I partook in #2 for the most part! More so on Sunday then Monday!

I'm stopping by from Tuesday Train. Love to find new blogs to follow. I'm following you, no not really I'm not behind you I promise there is no need to look. But I am following your blog!

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Gigi said…
Great ideas for going green and the reasons behind it.

Thought you might appreciate this cool time lapse video about an urban community that turns their junkyard into a sustainable garden in just one day.

Take a look at how Kia is driving change.


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