Adventures in Baby Food Making: Week 10 - Cottage Cheese

Well, green beans in Week 9 seemed to go OK. Noah still doesn't LOVE them, but will tolerate them.

One thing that I was very excited about was to learn that at 7 months, Noah was able to begin cottage cheese.

Closing in on 8 months, we finally tried cottage cheese. I tried it at first and he cringed and spit it out. I wondered how much the texture bothered him, even though it was small curd, so I blended it slightly in the food processor and he was much happier to eat it.

Through the course of the week, he did tend to gag slightly each time he ate it, he still cleared the 4 tbsp I would give him, so I haven't determined whether this one is a go
or not.

One great thing with Cottage Cheese is there is no preparation, unless you need to blend it for the sake of the baby.

So, my one tip for cottage cheese is to buy organic! Conventional cows are pumped with hormones that you do not want to push off onto your baby!

Here are the fun pictures of how it went (The green on his face was green beans :) )


Annette said…
I love these pics--they're priceless. My son is almost two and sadly, I haven't introduced him to cottage cheese because he has a milk allergy. Still, it's a great food--high in protein! I'd recommend the very same brand :)
SM said…
what a cutie !

following you via social parade.
Stopping by from Social Parade...what a cutie. I'd have to agree with the facial expressions...cottage cheese is not one of my faves and I'd probably make the same face. :)
Unknown said…
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Sherri said…
Love the pictures of your little one...too cute! You have great ideas and I love your blog!=)
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