Adventures in Baby Food Making - Week 9: Green Beans

Hi everyone.

We are in our 9th week of making our own baby food!

Last week, we introduced Nectarines to Noah and have had such fun faces because of its tartness. We ended up having to mix it with pears or bananas to soften the taste a bit.

So this week, we introduced his first green vegetable, as Whole Foods finally started carrying some local organic green beans!

Noah is still unsure about them, but at least we aren't gagging anymore!

Here is how its done:

First select organic green beans that need snappin'! Try to get the green ones - no brown spots.

Then snap your green beans - Snap off the top and bottoms - Snap in the middle for the longer beans.

Steam your green beans for about 8 minutes and let cool.

Puree your beans and then fill your BPA free ice cube trays. Freeze for 8 hours then bag and tag.

Green beans can be introduced when your baby is 7 months old.

I left the consistency a little grainy so that he can start to get used to the texture.

Good luck!

Next week - Cottage Cheese!






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