I'm a Guest Blogger at The Village of Moms

I was asked to be a Guest Blogger on The Village of Moms  as a "green" mom!

Today's article: The Skin We're In: Part I - Parabens

Make sure to come over and visit and check out my article! Yeah!

Village of Moms


Kendra said…
Yeah!! Thats great, congratulations! I will definitely check it out! :)
Tye said…
hey did you get my message and comment reply on my blog. I sent you a reply to each time that you sent me a comments. Well if not the comments
Tye said…
Sorry my last comment was incomplete and I sent it but something was going on when I switched from Blogger to Wordpress with my comments with Intense Debates. The comments are visible on the blog; however, they are on my dashboard. After the giveaway closes I'm just going to do my comments via Wordpress to avoid any problems in the future. I hope you understand and they are not lost at all and I appreciate you entering and tweeting like you did I will be notifying the winner soon after the giveaway closes.

Congratulations to yo on being the Guest Blogger at The Village of Moms.
Dawn said…
hey! Great blog, I am now a new follower from Follow Me Friday ( a lil late lol) :)
She's fabulous! Thank you for being a writer!

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