Tooth Tissues Review

As previously blogged, Noah has cut his first teeth.

In that short amount of time, he now has 6 teeth! He now has all 4 front top teeth and the two bottom teeth. Between that and his hair, he is starting to look like a little man!

With teeth comes time to brush them. Excitedly, I went out to Wal Mart and purchased the Orajel infant toothpaste and finger brush. We used it once – Noah loved it – and then I read the ingredients!

I was appalled to see that not only did the toothpaste have parabens in it, but it had multiple forms! I couldn’t believe that I so naively purchased this product without reading the ingredients first!

I began to do my research online and found Tooth Tissues, a paraben free alternative to toothpaste. Designed by Dr. Grace and Dr. Jon, these practicing dentists have children of their own and created this product to simplify the lives of parents while keeping our children safe from parabens!

Unfortunately, they are disposable and cannot be recycled, but I figure that this was an acceptable trade-off to not exposing Noah to cancer causing parabens.

Tooth Tissues are fluoride free, 99% Natural, Enhanced with Xylitol and, of course, paraben free.

The packaging is absolutely adorable and is small enough to place in your purse or diaper bag when out and about.

I really liked the wipes and plan on continuing to use them as an alternative to the standard toothbrush. Noah, too, likes the textured feel against those budding teeth, which makes cleaning those new teeth much easier!

I am so glad that I found these wipes and I highly suggest that you try them too!

Visit their website Tooth Tissues and become a Facebook Fan - Let them know that you heard about Tooth Tissues here!

Let me know if you try them and what you think as well! I'm sure you'll love them too!


Jenna said…
I'm your newest follower, please follow me back!
Emily said…
I will have to check them out! I use Tom's fluoride free strawberry toothpaste for my boys. We use their adult toothpaste as well since all other main toothpaste brands are full of junk. But I have been really happy with the strawberry stuff and the boys love them too!

Here's a link:
Jamie Bishop said…
Found you on Welcome Wednesday. New follower!
amber said…
this sounds like an awesome product!
I'd like to try it with my newborn, I wish I had it for my 3 year old when she was a baby.

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