The Organic Seal v. "All Natural"

In my last post, Organic: What it Really Means, I discussed a broad analysis of what Organic means within the food industry.

In continuing with that discussion, I would like to further focus on the actual Organic Seal that is issued by the USDA and the misunderstanding of the term All Natural."

This seal, for those of us who are desperate to buy mainly organic, is extremely important when selecting foods and health products!

Here are some questions that I pose to you:

  • Did you know that something that claims to be all-natural, is not, in fact, organic without the seal?

  • Did you know that for health and beauty products, companies are allowed to say that they are organic when they aren't?  Stay tuned for the next blog!

The organic seal is issued to companies that have endured rigorous testing and evaluation of their products and deemed to meet the regulatory standards issued by the USDA to meet the terms of Organic.

Jonathan (my husband) and I recently visited Costco to do some shopping for items that we needed larger amounts of.

After having researched the truth on organics and the validity of the Organic Seal, we were appalled at our ignorance in assuming that all-natural meant that it was healthy.  In reality, all-natural only refers to the lack of synthetic additives, preservatives, etc. within that specific product.

Although the product may have 100% all natural ingredients, those ingredients are not necessarily organic unless the packaging carries the Organic Seal.  So, the next time you buy an "all natural" product, remember that the truth is that the ingredients have, in fact, been treated with pesticides prior to production.

These two terms are in no way interchangeable and I hope that this blog is able to assist in straightening out this misnomer.

So - Once again the quick guide:

  • Organic with the seal - deemed 95%+ Organic
  • Made with Organic Ingredients - No Seal - deemed at least 70% Organic
  • All Natural - No regulatory entity oversees this undefined term
Truly eco-conscious companies, even if they are not organic, will not only make sure that all the ingredients are natural, but they will also be cognizant of the packaging that they use for their products.

Have questions?  Post a comment or email me!

Until next time....Stay Green!


Amber said…
Here is my problem with Organic, I think its great and if you can afford it DO IT!!!! However I know a lot of people who are convinced that beacause what they are eating is organic that makes it good for not true. Organic pop tarts still have far to many calories a ton of sugar and so on. I'm all for organic, but don't think your eating well just becaue its organic.

I know this isn't what your saying or doing yourself I just think that it is something that needs to be addressed when people are dissussing orgainc food.
RenderMeMama said…
Hi there! Following through Mingle Monday! Congrats ont he choice to "go green". I am a long termer myself. Come follow me back, I love meeting new mommys!

Amy @

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