Greener Pup: A Story and a Review

Let me start this posting with this........I have fallen in love with this company!  Please read on!

I've mentioned this before, but when you are going green, you need to consider not only the environment, your own home life, but also that of your little furry friends too.....of this I mean your pets.

In perusing the web, I found a fantastic company that I just HAD to share their story with you and hope that you will take a moment to visit their website and their amazing cause!

I originally approached to do a review of their great beds, but then found out that 100% of their profits go to the Ace of Hearts dog rescue program.....100%....Wow!

WHY GREENER PUP's Green, Eco-Friendly Dog Beds?

Your doggies will love sinking into our plush, comfy eco dog beds…knowing they are giving back to the earth and needy animals - 100% of all profits go to Ace of Hearts dog rescue.

You'll love the affordable, one-of-a-kind, removable, machine-washable AND  customizable covers.

The Earth will love that our green, eco dog beds are made from recycled materials and sustainable resources! From eco-friendly fabrics, to pillow forms and fillers made from 100% recycled plastic bottles, our beds are completely designed with the Earth in mind.

Everyone will love that Greener Pup’s soft, durable recycled fillers are breathable, non-toxic, non-allergenic and won’t attract insects. Plus, Greener Pup eco-friendly dog beds' fillers are made from 100% recycled plastic--just a single pound of this filling is made from 10 plastic water/soda bottles.  Depending on the size of the bed, which have 7-12 pounds of filling each, we're saving 70-120 plastic bottles from being dumped into our landfills!

So tell me how many companies seem to take this much pride and love for animals through the design, sale and donation of profits?  None off the top of my head!

Even with the amazing endeavors that they participate in, they were gracious enough to send me a doggie bed for my Corgie - Sandy!  I was floored.  I was going to do an expose on their site and product line even without the bed, just because I LOVED their commitment to be eco-friendly AND save the animals!  My baby girl Sandy was not a shelter dog, but was somewhat of a stray in the neighborhood that I lived in back in pre-Katrina Louisiana.  

Kari Whitman, a celebrity interior designer, is the mind behind the cause.  Working with some of her celebrity clients, she formulated the concept of creating great eco-friendly beds for dogs, while giving back 100% (can't get over that one) to an amazing cause of saving abused and neglected dogs!  My heart goes out to this woman!  She is truly amazing!

Please take a moment to visit GREENER PUP and check out their selection of pre-designed and custom beds, along with the generous cause that they engage in.  Learn about the product, how to go greener with the product and more tips and tricks.  Each link has a wealth of information to learn about!

AND!!!  If you want to purchase a bed for your rescue dog, you will receive a 25% discount!

The bed that I received is just amazing!  I was surprised with how fluffy and large the bed was.  Extremely well constructed, along with using eco-friendly materials, I really can't say enough about the bed, the company.....well I think you are starting to get the drift!

I have fallen in love with this company.

Here are some pictures of Sandy enjoying her bed....and yes....she got up on the bed all by herself - not bad for having little bitty legs!  What's crazy is that it must just be so soft .... because she hasn't been snoring as much!  Woohoo!



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