Snikiddy Review - YUM!!!!!!

I was recently approached by and was given a free sample of a new product called Snikiddy All Natural Baked Fries.  I LOVE snacks and was very excited to receive the bag of the cheddar cheese flavored snacks to try out!

I've been more recently snacking on Veggie Straws and loving those.....then these came into my life and I am on the local hunt to find them!  They truly are addicting!

They are all - natural (not organic) with no preservatives, gluten free, wheat free, no trans-fats, no hydrogenated oils, free of corn syrup and 50% less fat than regular potato chips.  Even better for those allergen ridden families - this snack is processed in a facility that does not manufacture any products containing nuts (tree or peanuts)!

They truly are all natural - 

Here are the ingredients:

Cornmeal, potato flakes, sunflower oil, seasoning (whey, cheddar cheese, why protein concentrate, slat, dry buttermilk, soybean oil, onion powder, yeast extract, cultured whole milk, nonfat milk, Romano cheese from cow's milk, parmesan cheese, milk protein concentrate, citric acid, lactic acid, extractives of annatto and turmeric

Let's see - other than the word "addicting" - how would I say these tasted?

They are salty with a blast of cheese flavoring, which makes them a little irresistible.  I think my biggest mistake was letting my husband try them, because I was then fighting a little over the small bag that we received!

With only 4.5 grams of fat (of which only .5g of saturated fat) per serving, I will DEFINITELY be buying these for my home!

There are so many ways to participate with Snikiddy right now!!!!

  • Visit
  • Sign up for their newsletter on their homepage
  • Get a $1 coupon on their homepage
  • Buy a Sharing Pack at and get $1 off
  • Like them on Facebook -  THEN enter the weekly drawing to win a Snikiddy gift pack or the grand prize - a brand new Jamis kids' bike

Although I did receive a free sample from, I am not just saying that they are that good.....they just truly are!!!!


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